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2022 Final Gigs.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the ep launch at RESET! we had a great night. Unfortunately the Shantycrew couldn't make it due to illness. however at short notice Deanishome agreed to join us and did not disappoint. We were thinking that this would be the last gig of the year however a week later we were asked to support Red mess, an awesome stunner rock band from Brazil. What a night, the venue (SUPAMOLLY) was amazing and we got to make some great new connections and made some amazing new friends.

So what does 2023 hold? for those of you who came to the shows, you already heard a few tracks from the new upcoming album, we are super excited about the new stuff and will of course keep you all posted with the album and upcoming gigs for the new year. So for now happy new year and watch this space.

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